Logo Agence Lionne
Logo Agence Lionne

The Brand of Excellence in Professional Recruitement



Agence Lionne is the result of two partners eager to contribute for solutions against the shortage of professionals in Quebec.

At Agence Lionne, we specialize in the art of connecting exceptional talent with local companies seeking growth and success. We’re much more than a recruitment agency: we’re facilitators of fruitful encounters between qualified professionals, whether local residents or temporary foreign workers, and dynamic companies looking for valuable skills to fill their vacancies. 

Agence Lionne specializes in permanent and temporary recruitment of healthcare professionals, technicians and engineers, in order to fill the opportunities offered by various companies, organizations and healthcare institutions.

We understand that finding the right candidate for a vacancy isn’t just about technical skills. That’s why we make a point of understanding the specific needs of each company, as well as the unique aspirations and skills of each professional we represent. Thanks to our personalized approach, we are able to identify the synergies that will lead to long-lasting, fruitful business relationships.

Welcome to temporary foreign workers! Fortunately, we also offer positions to temporary foreign workers who want to expatriate their talent to Quebec.

Our emblematic symbol, the lion, as it characterizes our unique service: loyalty, diligence, team spirit, authenticity.

Agence Lionne offers to all of his partners courteous, respectful and customized recruiting services !